Review: Close Pop-in reusable nappy

I think we all know by now that I love cloth nappies so when I saw that Close had brought out a New Generation Pop-in I was really eager to give them a try. We’ve never used the Close Pop-in before, but I remember when I was first researching cloth nappies lots of people recommended them so I was super excited when the lovely people at Close agreed to send us one of their New Gen V2 Pop-ins to try out!

Close Pop-in

Close (formerly Close Parent) was founded by two mumpreneurs in 2004, not only do they make reusable nappies (and wipes) they also have a range of baby carriers as well as products such as bibs, playmats, car seat protectors and more, all in their trademark prints. Their website is also full of lots of useful advice and information.

The Details

Close Pop-in in action

The Close Pop-in New Gen V2 is available in four new prints (hippo, robot, russian dolls and lion) and retails at £16.99. [EDIT: Since I wrote this review there are now lots more prints available]. The Pop-in is a hybrid nappy, or an all-in-two – a cross between an all-in-one and a two part system with a waterproof outer and a snap-in bamboo soaker and booster which allow you to adjust the absorbency to suit your baby. It is a birth to potty nappy fitting from 7lb to 35lb+. Night time boosters are available separately.

Close Pop-in inserts

The Pros

  • Top of the list has to be performance – Toby wore the Close Pop-in for five hours on one occasion without a hint of a leak. The soaker and booster were completely soaked but there wasn’t even any wicking around the legs which can often happen with other nappies.
  • This lack of wicking around the legs (and waist) is down to the great design of the waterproof outer. It has gusseted legs which help to make it ‘bombproof’, and also the pop-in inserts sit underneath a flap at each end so there is no chance of any leakage their either. Finally the New Gen V2 also has an absorbent panel in the middle of the outer which helps to keep moisture in the centre of the nappy.
  • The nappy has a great fit. I much prefer velcro fastenings to poppers as I find I can get a much better fit, especially on a skinny baby like Toby. The nappy has a nice slim fit too which I like.
  • I was also impressed to see four sets of poppers to adjust the rise. All our other nappies have three sets and Toby already has them as big as they will go. With the Pop-in we are only on the third set which makes me think it might last longer as there is still room for adjustment as he grows.
  • The nappy washes well and as the inserts can be removed for drying it speeds up the drying time. The bamboo inserts were dry in about five hours in the airing cupboard or a couple of hours on low in the tumble drier (which is the same as my other nappies). The outer dried very quickly.
  • I like the versatility of the Close Pop-in – you can add night time boosters to avoid needing a different night time nappy. You could also use the outer part as a wrap over a shaped nappy, or with prefolds or terry squares. You could also use it with disposable inserts – particularly useful on holiday if you don’t have access to a washing machine.
  • Lastly, I love the prints! As you can see we got the robot print but I love the hippo and lion too.

Close pop-in fit

The Cons

  • There really are very few faults I could find with the Close Pop-in. The only slight niggle was that the laundry tabs are a bit fiddly – in this New Gen V2 Close have added a little pocket for the laundry tab to tuck into when the nappy is being worn, which is great for avoiding the velcro being in contact with your baby’s skin but I did find it a bit tricky to get them out when I needed them.
  • The only other thing is that it is slightly more time consuming to put the nappy back together after washing than it is with the bumGenius Freetime which we usually use, but even that really isn’t too much bother considering all the positives this nappy has to offer.
  • Finally – and this doesn’t affect me, or anyone else who might be using a Close Pop-in for the first time, but the New Gen V2 isn’t compatible with previous versions of the nappy. So if you had some older Pop-ins and the new one you would have to make sure you paired up the right inserts with the right nappy.

Close pop-in laundry tabs

The Verdict

I think the Close Pop-in might be my new favourite nappy! The performance is outstanding, it has a really great fit and it looks fantastic. Despite a few little niggles I can see me adding some more of these nappies to our collection in the near future.

Close pop-in sitting

**Disclaimer: I was sent a Close Pop-in reusable nappy in return for this review. All opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.