What happens after an abnormal smear test?

What happens after an abnormal smear test

I originally wrote this post back in 2015 but I’ve had quite a few friends recently who have had abnormal smear test results requiring further investigation or treatment and so I though it might be worth sharing it again...

I recently got a letter advising me it was time for me to have another smear test. As I’m pregnant at the moment I have to wait until three months after the baby is born but I wanted to write a bit about why I was being called for a smear test just 6 months after I had the last one, and what had happened in between. I know this isn’t the kind of thing everyone likes to talk (or read) about but I hope that sharing my experience might encourage other women to make sure they get regular smear tests, and so set their minds at rest if the results do come back as abnormal. Read more