Lions and tigers and dinosaurs at Blackpool Zoo

This is a post I’ve been meaning to write for months! Back in May, after we’d been to Center Parcs, we went to stay with my parents in Blackpool so we could look at some houses. While we were there we took the kids to Blackpool Zoo with my mum. I’ve had these photos sitting on my computer ever since and just haven’t had chance to do anything with them until now!

At the entrance to the zoo there is a dinosaur section and after getting over his initial wariness Toby loved them.

Dinosaurs everywhere


Toby, daddy and a diplodocus

Of course there were lots of live animals too…

Giant tortoise

Toby looking at the tortoises

Tiger Tiger

Mummy cuddles waiting for the tigers


Meercat at Blackpool Zoo

Three generations


Gabe slept for most of the time we were there but as you can see he wasn’t too impressed when he woke up!

Gabe not impressed with being woken up

Toby enjoyed himself though – he definitely liked the flamingos…


Big grins from Toby

If I’m totally honest, although Toby did like looking at the animals he had the most fun walking along these benches in front of the elephant!

Walking on benches


Blackpool Zoo is just round the corner from my parents house and my mum is a member so I’m sure we’ll be spending more time here now we live so much closer. Maybe next time we go Toby will be a bit more interested in the animals and perhaps Gabe won’t sleep the whole time!