Living Arrows 33/52 (2016)

It’s been a busy week of getting used to life in our new house and new town now that Daddy has gone back to work.

Both boys had two settling sessions at their new nursery last week and will be starting properly tomorrow. They’ll both be going for two full days and if I’m honest I actually can’t wait! Having had them both at with us all day every day for the last month I have realised more than ever that I need some time away from them if I am going to stay sane!

I think nursery will be good for them too – especially Toby. It’s hard for him being at home all day because we have to try and fit things round Gabe napping, and at the moment that also means that he’s got to be quiet when Gabe is asleep because the bedroom is right underneath the living room. A couple of days of being free to play and run around and make as much noise as he wants will hopefully be good for all of us.

It will be good for Gabe to have somewhere totally safe to play and explore as well. At the moment I feel like I am constantly telling him not to touch things or taking stuff off him. How is it that babies can spot a wire or cable from across the room but have no interest in the 50 toys that are in front of them?

I was trying to take some product shots for a review the other day but Gabe just wouldn’t keep away from the box – it’s a good job he’s cute!

Gabe trying to steal my review products

Toby’s picture this week was taken yesterday when we went to another of our numerous local garden centres – I don’t think any of us expected to see this bear there though!

Toby and a bear

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