Milky cuddles (The Ordinary Moments #24)

I’ve read so many blog posts about the bond mums have with their babies when they’re breastfeeding. How special those milky cuddles are. And I’m not denying that they are special. But for whatever reason they aren’t something that all mums get to share with their baby. But even though we stopped breastfeeding at six weeks (and even then every breastfeed was topped up with formula) I wanted to write about our milky cuddles. It doesn’t matter that Toby is drinking formula and it is coming out of a bottle – we still get to share some special bonding moments together.

milky cuddles

Although Toby is nearly one now(!) he still has three bottles a day; one when he gets up, one before his afternoon nap and one before bed. And no matter how crazy he has been just minutes before, wriggling and crawling and standing and bouncing, as soon as he sees that bottle coming his thumb goes in his mouth and as soon as I pick him up he snuggles in. And then we have a quite few minutes where he actually lies still. Usually he’ll play with my ear, or try and put his fingers in my mouth, or play with the cord on my hoody, basically whatever is within reach.

I love these quiet times we have together (during the week I do the morning and afternoon bottles and daddy gets the bedtime one) and I’ll miss them when they’re gone. You read so many stories about the end of breastfeeding being an emotional time (and I’m not for one minute denying that it is) but I think the end of bottle feeding will be sad for me too. I suppose it just means my little boy isn’t a baby any more. For now though I’m going to enjoy our milky cuddles while we still have them.

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3 thoughts on “Milky cuddles (The Ordinary Moments #24)

  1. Lovely post!!! I think it’s so important to share the positive message about still having that ‘special bond’ through formula milky cuddles!!! We stopped breastfeeding at 8 months but had started introducing formula at 6 months and although it was a little emotional stopping I agree with you that the real emotion will come when those milky feeds finish no matter how they are given!!!
    (Ps Arthur still has three milk feeds a day too!) xx

  2. I’m really glad you wrote this post. I have formula feeding friends who I have seen have those lovely sleepy cuddles but even better the Daddy, Grandparents and friends have also been able to experience them at times too and those cuddles are definitely some of the best.
    I’m sure even after he stops having bottles you’ll still have that routine – It’ll probably just be milky cuddles with a cup of milk instead! x

  3. It’s that wonderful milk-drunk stage they get to isn’t it; all sleepy and snuggly and cuddled in – perfect regardless of the source of the milk!

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