Me & Mine (January & February 2015)

Last January I started taking monthly photos of our family for the Me & Mine family portrait project which is hosted over on the fantastic Dear Beautiful blog. I took a picture every month in 2014 and had every intention of carrying on this year. However, I somehow just didn’t manage to get a photo in January, and although I’ve been a bit late with my Me & Mine posts before, when it got to the middle of February and I still hadn’t done it I thought it was probably pushing it a bit. And so, this month’s picture is just going to have to do for both months this year.

The first two months of the year seem to have flown past this year in a blur of busy days at work, sleepless nights from Toby (although fingers crossed things seem to be improving there), and trying to fit in some fun at the weekends. Toby is becoming more and more of a little boy every day. He is constantly on the move, walking and running all over the place. He had his first experience of soft play this month too and loved it so I’m sure we’ll be back there again soon. He’s still not really talking yet, even though he never shuts up! He’s got a few more words now but most of what he says is still just babble. I can’t wait until he starts talking properly – I bet he’ll really never be quiet then! He understands so much now though and answers yes and no to most questions too. We’ve started telling him about the baby in mummy’s tummy in the last few weeks but I don’t think he understands that yet. He’s got a good while to get used to the idea yet though.

We took this photograph last weekend when we were walking in some woods near our house. For once I was organised enough to take the tripod with us but I really do want to get a remote for the camera to make taking these pictures a bit easier. For the moment though the main challenge is just trying to get Toby to stay in the shot!


5 thoughts on “Me & Mine (January & February 2015)

  1. I love this photo, you all look so happy, lovely backdrop and a little bit wintery too! Glad you are carrying on – if I missed a month I’d give up and regret it! x

  2. Beautiful setting for a pic that sums you all up so well. Lovely capture even if you weren’t all so willing ๐Ÿ˜‰ #meandmine

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