Me & Mine // A Family Portrait (March 2017)

For once I don’t feel like the month has disappeared before it even started! The first week of March saw us heading south for a holiday at Bluestone in Wales (which I still haven’t finished writing about!) and we had a lovely week away. You can watch the little video I made about our trip here if you like.

Since we came home things have been pretty normal. The boys have had colds again, Gabe’s sleep has gone back to being rubbish (he’s teething on top of his cold so it’s to be expected really), and some days I just can’t wait until bedtime!

We’ve had plenty of fun times too though; Toby and Gabe continue to be equally awesome and infuriating. I can’t believe next month we’ll be finding out which school Toby will be going to in September! He seems to have had a massive growth spurt this month. He’s constantly hungry and all his trousers are getting too short. I love an excuse to buy new clothes though so I’m not going to complain.

Anyway, for once I wasn’t scrabbling to take pictures on the last day of the month. We took these on the beach at Tenby while we were down in Wales. They were only phone selfies but I love them. I think they are the first Me & Mine pictures we’ve taken where we’re all looking at the camera and smiling, and they’re probably my favourite we’ve taken since we’ve been a family of four.

I couldn’t choose which one of these was my favourite so I’m going to show all three…

Me & Mine March on Tenby beach

Me and my crazy family

Family portrait on the beach


5 thoughts on “Me & Mine // A Family Portrait (March 2017)

  1. What gorgeous photographs! I love the selfies, little Gabes’ face is just adorable and I can’t believe how quickly Toby is growing up. We find out about Olly’s reception place in mid-April too, quite nervous really as he’s settled quite well into his pre-school and I’ll be so gutted if he has to move. Hope you get the news you want for Toby too! Have a lovely April xx #MeandMine

  2. I feel like all I do is look at my kids and think their clothes are too small! They grow so fast don’t they.
    I love your photos this month – I wouldn’t have been able to choose a favourite either x

  3. I think I love family selfies way more these are absolutely fabulous hunny. So much fun and good memories being made that’s what so great about this project. The photos came out great too! What a location to do them. Hope April is lovely for yall too. #meandmineproject

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