Me & Mine: A Family Portrait (June 2015)

Oh dear, late again! We really need to get our act together to take a family picture earlier in the month! I had every intention of doing it when we went to a vintage car rally a few weeks ago but then Toby had a meltdown before we had chance, and then I was going to do it last weekend but we didn’t really do anything…and so finally we’ve ended up with a late iPhone selfie taken in the garden today! Next weekend is Toby’s birthday and we’ve got all the grandparents coming so I’m going to make sure I get a picture of all of us together and July can be an extended family Me & Mine. It will also be the last month of Me & Mine as a family of three (unless this baby is very late!) which is pretty exciting! Of course there’s always a chance that we won’t even make it to the end of July as a family of three – that’s actually quite a scary thought… I might have a baby this month!

Anyway, we didn’t really get up to much in June. It was my last month of work and it was a struggle just to get through the days sometimes so the weekends were mostly just chores, trips to the park, and catching up on sleep! So for now here’s June’s picture…

June 2015

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