Me & Mine: A Family Portrait (January 2014)

I know,I know… Another photo linky! Me & Mine is about capturing our whole family in a photo every month. I have hundreds of photos of Toby, quite a few of him with his dad, even less of me and him and hardly any of the three of us. So by participating in this linky, I’ll be sure that we’ll have at least 12 pictures of the three of us by the end of the year. I only just found out about this linky so I’m a bit late with the January post but hopefully you’ll forgive me this time! This also means this month’s photo is taken in our living room – in months to come I want to try and capture our family when we’re out and about.

Family Portrait January

January has been a fairly quiet month in our house while we recovered from travelling to see both our families after Christmas, and we also recovered from a £1600 bill to replace the hip tiles on our roof after some storm damage – just what we needed a week before Christmas! So this month has been a month of frugality and waiting for pay day. I’m very much looking forward to a nice short February, the nights starting to get lighter again, and hopefully having some adventures.

12 thoughts on “Me & Mine: A Family Portrait (January 2014)

  1. Ahhhh, welcome to the Me and Mine project. You sound exactly like I was before this little project made me focus more on whole family photos; lots of photos of the kids, and plenty with Daddy but hardly any with me in at all. I’m so glad we’ve changed that now. And I can’t wait to see more of your photos, this is a lovely close, cuddly start. x

    1. Thanks. I’ve only just started learning to use the ‘big camera’ and haven’t really taken it outside yet. So that’s the next challenge – to try and capture our everyday family adventures!

  2. This is a really lovely photo. I’m so sorry to read about the expensive storm damage. It’s all so heartbreaking, as you say especially near Christmas. Looking forward to seeing your photos throughout the year x

  3. I love this photo, it’s really fun. I to am still trying to get to grips with my biggish camera. Learning with a baby is quick quick slow I have found as she doesn’t give me all that much time to experient.


  4. Welcome to Me & Mine!! It is SUCH a great project for giving you that extra push to take a family photo!
    That storm damage must have been gutting, we lost a few fence panles but now I’m thinking I ought to count my lucky stars!!

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