Living Arrows 18/52 (2017)

It’s been a mixed week this week – I started it with a bit of a sore throat and by Thursday I had full blown tonsillitis (again!). We had been invited to the Trafford Centre for a Q&A with Jo Frost though so I filled up on painkillers and throat spray and off we went. I was slightly apprehensive about taking both boys to an event on my own but they were both really well behaved.

This picture of Toby was when we had just arrived and I think he was a bit overwhelmed by the size of the place!

Toby looking awed by the size of the Trafford Centre

I was feeling slightly better on Friday so while Gabe had a nap Toby and I made chocolate cupcakes. Baking with mummy had been one of the interim rewards on his last reward chart. He’s actually a good helper when it comes to baking and it’s a great opportunity for him to practice his numbers when we’re weighing out the ingredients which he loves.

Anyway, Gabe might have missed out on baking the cakes but he wasn’t going to miss out on tasting them. I cut his cake into four pieces in the hope it might make it a bit easier for him to eat without making too much mess. How do you think he got on??

Gabe's chocolate cake face

On Saturday we went to the SeaLife Centre in Blackpool as the final reward on Toby’s last chart…but I’m going to save the pictures we took there for another post!

Living Arrows

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  1. I love your photos this week – Toby’s is just beautiful and Gabe’s pretty much sums up childhood! I hope you’re feeling better x

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