I AM normal

On Saturday night I wrote a very honest and emotional post. I was amazed and somewhat overwhelmed from the response I got, both from people who took the time to comment on the post and those who tweeted me. It seems that I’m not alone, and that what I’m feeling is entirely normal. So many people said ‘I could have written this myself’. It was wonderful to get messages of support from people I have never met, who only know me through reading this blog (and support from the people who do know me too.)

And do you know what? I feel so much better now. I’m not saying this is some miraculous recovery and I’m suddenly never going to feel sad, or tired, or overwhelmed again. But simply writing about how I was feeling has helped me to feel better about everything. And it helped me to talk to my husband about it all when he got home yesterday afternoon too.

It’s so strange, because when I’m thinking rationally, and feeling OK about things it’s hard to remember why I was crying before. It’s hard even to remember how awful I felt. And when I feel OK, it’s hard to imagine that the tears will come again. I’m sure they will though, at some point, and I’m still planning on going to see my GP to talk about things. But after talking to my husband we have come up with a few other plans to try and improve things too.

We all agree that everything is better when Toby and I get out somewhere every day, so that’s going to be something we try and do from now on. (And today, when the sun was shining, and the first flowers of spring are starting to show, everything feels a lot less desperate somehow!). I’m also going to go back to my amateur dramatics group when they start rehearsing for their new show soon. Dancing and musicals is something I’ve been involved in for years, but haven’t done since I got pregnant. Going back will give me something to do for myself, I’ll get to enjoy time with my friends and forget about being a mum for a couple of hours every week. I’ve got a solo trip to London to look forward to at the end of this month too – a whole night and day away!

So anyway, I just wanted to write a quick update and to say thank you so much to everyone who commented, tweeted, or just read my other post and I hope it’s maybe helped someone else feel a bit about things too.

4 thoughts on “I AM normal

  1. Glad to hear you’re feeling better about things now hun. Thats good you had a good chat with hubby & are putting some plans in place, it really does help. I go riding once a week for “me” but wasnt able to go for 3 weeks due to my illness then my mums & those were 3 really bad weeks but Ive perked up so much since Ive been able to get back!

    We are always here for you dont forget that, if you’re having a down day or struggling to get motivated just tweet & someone will be there to kick your ass 🙂 xxx

  2. I don’t know how I missed the post but I just read through it now and I’m also one of the peoplw that say I couls have written it myself. Thank you for writing it because it made me feel as if I’m not alone!
    I’m glad your feeling better xx

  3. This has made me happy reading this. I genuinely think that sometimes getting things off your chefs can lighten the load so much. Like you said it’s not a magic cure, but it helps!! I totally agree with getting outside, I have had days where I feel like I’m in a rut and it’s because I’ve been stuck in all day.
    So exciting that you will go back to your am dram classes that’s really lovely to have a regular thing that’s just for you!

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