Dada dada (The Ordinary Moments #23)

This week’s Ordinary Moment is one that has only become ordinary in the last week or two. After a few weeks of persistent training (mostly from Barry!) Toby has now learnt how to say Dada. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t have any idea what it means yet but he says it all the time! Although I’m a bit sad that he’s saying Dada but not Mama (I know that will come and it’s something to do with it being easier for babies to say Dada) it is still so cute to hear. It’s so obvious that Toby loves his daddy to bits. And I love watching them together – my two favourite boys!


In fact Toby is babbling a lot more of everything these days – it’s so sweet to listen to him when he’s playing by himself and just chatting away to his toys. Or when he wakes up and we just hear baby babble over the monitor. I’d love to know what’s going through his mind – I’m sure it all makes perfect sense to him!

I’m very excited for Toby to start learning more words, although I know I’ve got a while to wait before he really starts talking. And once he does I bet I’ll be wishing for some peace and quiet!

mummy daddy me

4 thoughts on “Dada dada (The Ordinary Moments #23)

  1. So cute! T knows a few things now but doesn’t say the right word for them. He has a ‘Darrrrr’ word for cats and dogs, says ‘Duuuu’ for duck and says Ma-ma-ma-ma-ma which I’m sure is just a noise and not actually Mama! x

  2. Aw this is a gorgeous photo Sarah, absolutely lovely. One for a frame. Well done Toby on saying Dada! LL is 15 months and still not really talking much- she kind of says Mama but not on demand. Mads was saying loads by this point but I guess they are all different! x

  3. How adorable is this and I bet your man thinks it is the sweetest sound! Our toddler says things now and again, but it truth I think she is messing with us, lol! No doubt they’ll all be wee chatter boxes soon! x #ordinarymoments

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