From poppy seed to pumpkin: 10 weeks pregnant

Monday 19th January

So, the weeks are moving on – I’m now 10 weeks pregnant and actually feeling much better. I’m still really tired, no matter how much sleep I get. Toby gave us a treat of sleeping through a couple of nights at the weekend but then was back to two wake ups last night – I swear he knows when we have work the next day! I’m feeling particularly exhausted today and it’s really busy at work at the moment too with exams, reports to write and a few members of staff who have left and not been replaced yet. It’s even harder when I can’t tell anyone why I’m so tired either. Apart from being knackered though, the nausea has subsided a lot which I am very grateful for. It carried on until 12 weeks with Toby so I’m glad it’s disappeared a bit earlier this time (and I’m trying not to worry that it might be a sign that something is wrong). I still feel a bit rubbish if I haven’t eaten for a while but on the whole it’s not too bad.

I’ve still not got my first scan appointment, and until I have that I won’t see the midwife. Hopefully it should come this week and I then I can make an appointment with the midwife. The community midwife I saw when I was pregnant with Toby has retired now so it will be someone new that I see. Although, by all accounts I’ll see even less of them with this being a second pregnancy than I did the first time round.

Pregnancy week 10

There’s not much else to report this week; for our weekly fruit/vegetable comparison the baby is now the size of a date. My trousers are getting a bit tighter but I still just look like I ate a bit too much Christmas cake than anything like pregnant!


From poppy seed to pumpkin: 8 weeks pregnant

Monday 5th January

OK, so I skipped a few weeks in my updates. I made it through my second sober Christmas and New Year without any drama. We’ve told our parents and my brother and sister-in-law about the pregnancy now and they were all very happy. Today I went to the doctor to get my referral to the midwife service for my first scan, which should be towards the end of this month some time. I have to phone the midwife next week to arrange a booking in appointment, which they will come to my house for, if it’s the same as last time.

As far as pregnancy symptoms go, the nausea is here in full force now. Just like with Toby though, I haven’t been sick (yet!) but I’m feeling sick pretty much all the time though. Of course last time I didn’t have to deal with changing dirty nappies whilst feeling sick, nobody warns you about that with a second pregnancy do they? Grapes seem to be helping with the nausea for the moment, which I suppose is better than filling my face with biscuits, although there’s been a fair bit of that going on too! Other than feeling sick all the time I’m just exhausted. Even with very early nights and naps when I can I’m still permanently tired. I have no idea how I’m going to manage when I go back to work on Thursday. When I was pregnant last time I used to have a nap when I got in from work but now that’s the only time I get to see Toby so it’s just not feasible. I have to get up an hour and a half earlier than I did last time too. I think I’m just going to have a few weeks of going to bed straight after my tea and hope that the tiredness lessens a bit when I get into the second trimester.

Apparently the baby is the size of a raspberry now, and is starting to form fingers and toes! The last four weeks since we found out seem to have gone very quickly so I’m hoping the next four weeks do too.


From poppy seed to pumpkin: 5 weeks pregnant

Week 5
Monday 15th December

5 weeks pregnant and I’m definitely starting to feel it now. I can certainly feel something is going on, the only way I can describe it is like a feeling of filling up…oh, and if nothing else, the constant need to wee is a definite give away! I’m also feeling incredibly tired, which isn’t helped by the fact we are almost at the end of a very long term at school, and that Toby has been treating us to lots of sleepless nights lately too! I’m really hoping his sleep improves soon and I manage to catch up on some sleep of my own over the holidays. The other symptom which is starting to show its unwelcome presence is that I’m already getting that familiar queasy feeling. Fortunately when I was pregnant with Toby I didn’t suffer too badly with morning sickness – at least in that I was only actually sick a couple of times. But I felt sick constantly from about week 7 to week 12. I’m really hoping that if I have to have it at all this time, it disappears just as quickly…

Saturday 20th December

Hallelujah! Toby actually slept last night so I’m feeling a bit more human. I’m only really feeling sick if I leave it too long between eating. Although I’m really trying to keep my eating under control a bit this time and avoid putting on a stone in the first three months like I did last time! Fingers crossed I make it through Christmas without feeling too rough though. We’ve not told anyone yet – I think we waited until 8 weeks with Toby but I’m going to have to tell my mum in a day or two. We’re going to stay with them for Christmas and there’s no way I’d be able to not drink and keep the reason why secret! It still hasn’t really sunk in if I’m honest, the embryo is the size of a sesame seed and already has a heart, of sorts. That’s just crazy to think about but I don’t think it really feels real until the 12 week scan, and that still seems ages away – I haven’t even seen the doctor yet!

From poppy seed to pumpkin: 4 weeks pregnant

Week 4

Now the news is out I’m going to share these posts I wrote over the last couple of months, from when I first found out I was pregnant again…

Friday 12th December 2014

We decided to start trying for another baby so that hopefully we would have about two years between Toby and the new baby. But we also had to wait until I had the contract for my new job to make sure I got all my maternity pay. When we were trying for Toby it only took two months and we were hoping the same would happen again but I am more than aware that things don’t always work out the way we hope. Anyway, this time the first month it didn’t happen for us. So month two and we try again…although there wasn’t an awful lot of ‘trying’ going on (sorry if that’s a bit too much information!) as Barry got pretty ill with a nasty cold and I wasn’t feeling brilliant either so I was fairly resigned to the fact that I wouldn’t get pregnant this month either. But then my period was late. That wasn’t entirely unusual though – until trying to get pregnant last time I had been on the pill since I was 16 and so had no idea what my ‘normal’ cycle was. But when it got to four days after the latest my period could feasibly be I decided to take a test. I was planning on waiting until the weekend, but this morning decided I could wait no longer. I was pretty convinced it was going to be negative though – I just wanted confirmation so maybe I could have a glass of wine this weekend! But when I went back into the bathroom after resolutely ignoring the test for the requisite three minutes…..there were two lines! Positive! We’re having another baby. I can’t quite believe it… and with the way Toby has been sleeping this week I think we must be completely mental to be doing this all over again. No wonder I’ve been so completely exhausted!

It is easier with two, right??


And then there were four

Coming August 2015

I know it’s been very quiet around these parts lately, and if you follow me on Twitter you might have noticed I’ve not been around there much either. I’ve written lots of times over the last few months about how I’m busy at work and with more teeth, and one cold after another Toby’s sleep has been all over the place. That on it’s own would be enough to make anyone tired but when you add the first few months of pregnancy into the equation it’s no wonder I’ve been knackered!

Yep, that’s right. We’re expecting baby number 2 in August this year! It was entirely (and perhaps foolishly) planned as I’ve always had it in my head I would like kids two years apart and nature thankfully decided to cooperate. I’m now 13 weeks pregnant and apart from a bit of nausea over Christmas I’ve actually been feeling remarkably well. I am just incredibly incredibly tired. Most nights after we’ve put Toby to bed, had our tea and maybe watched an hour of TV I’m ready for my bed. Hence the almost complete lack of blogging lately.

We had the first scan on Tuesday and everything is looking good so far. The baby was jumping and flipping all over the place. I even think I might have felt a few little movements already, although it’s hard to tell at this stage. I’m almost past the point of just looking like I’ve been eating too much cake and I’m starting to have an actual bump now. I think the maternity trousers might have to come out for work next week, and I bought a couple of pairs of new maternity jeans in London last weekend too.

So there we are – our big news! Despite the tiredness and the recurring ‘oh Jesus, what have we done??’ feeling that keeps sweeping over me, we really are very excited and can’t wait to become a family of four in the summer.

Big brother

I’ve got a few posts that I have written over the last couple of months so I’ll be sharing those over the next week or so too, and then hopefully I’ll manage to keep up some sort of vaguely regular pregnancy updates too.