7 ways to keep your children happy on a road trip

**Guest post by Emily Jones

There is one question that all of us who have been on a road trip with kids have heard at some point: “Are we there yet?” Road trips can be difficult with children, especially young children, as they get bored of sitting still, impatient, fidgety, and often quarrel with their siblings.

While in the car, it is best for everyone if the kids are calm and entertained so the driver can focus on driving and the road trip can be as enjoyable as possible.

Gabe in the car

So it is important to keep your kids happy on a road trip! Here are 7 simple ways to do just that:

  1. Play road games

Road games are a classic for a road trip. You can play “I Spy”, try a travel scavenger hunt game, or make up a game on the spot. Just remember to remind your kids to not distract or startle the driver, no matter how excited they get!

  1. Watch a movie

Before you head out, charge up your smart device and download content to it that your kids can access offline once you are on the road. On sites like uk.chili.com you can find a lot of kids’ content, including classic animation movies as well as new releases. You can make an activity of it with your kids before you take off to select some movies that they will want to watch while on the road trip. Plus, a movie is a great form of entertainment to fall back on when the kids are getting extra squirmy.

  1. Chat and tell stories

While you get in some windscreen time, some of the best conversations can be had! Tell stories and share with one another. Ask “what’s your favourite” and “what are you most excited for at [destination] type questions and be in the moment with one another.

  1. Have one adult sit in the back with the kids

Kids get antsy on road trips.. it’s just inevitable. Sometimes siblings sitting next to each other can lead to arguments and/or rowdiness, so consider having one adult sit in the back with the kids for a portion of the trip. That way there is an actual adult physical barrier between the kids and you can encourage the kids to entertain themselves or play nice all together.

  1. Play an audio book

Definitely bring along audio version of your kids’ favourite books along for the car ride! It is fun entertainment for everyone and you can chat with your kids about why it is their favourite and ask them some questions to get their creative thinking going.

  1. Bring healthy snacks

Kids have this amazing way of making an activity out of even just having a snack. Be sure to pack plenty of healthy snacks that they can reach for when they get hungry. You’ll definitely want to stick to low sugar snacks as to avoid a sugar-high that would not be very enjoyable for anyone while in the car.

  1. Drive at night

If you are comfortable driving at night, leaving for a road trip near or after your kids’ bedtime can mean the little ones can simply sleep through the road trip.

It is also important to pack an “emergency kit” with all the necessities that the kids may need while on the road, such as a first aid kit and a change of clothes!

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