Daddy time (The Ordinary Moments #3)

I’m linking up with Katie at Mummy Daddy Me again this week for some more ‘Ordinary Moments’.

My husband works in Edinburgh and so has quite a commute every day. This means that during the week he doesn’t get to see much of Toby. He usually leaves before Toby is awake in the morning so he only sees him for half an hour or so before bed time in the evening. Toby and I go and pick Daddy up from the train station at twenty past five and then there’s half an hour for cuddles and playtime before bed.

Daddy and baby

It’s so lovely to see the two of them together in the evenings. Toby clearly adores his Dad and always has a big grin for him when we get home. I know it’s hard for hubby not too see very much of Toby during the week so I’m really glad that his work is flexible enough that he can at least get home for bedtime – it’s a luxury that a lot of working parents don’t get.

Daddy and baby reading

As well as some cuddles we usually try and fit in a story at some point before bed. In the last week Toby has really started engaging when we read to him. He reaches out and touches the pictures and even tries to turn the pages.

So there we are, another Ordinary Moment in our daily lives.

mummy daddy me

4 thoughts on “Daddy time (The Ordinary Moments #3)

  1. That’s a lovely post they say even very young babies get something out of listening to your voice reading story’s ! Thanks

  2. I can really relate to what you’ve said here as I generally leave for work shortly after 8am and am back about 6pm. Our 7 month old son is often in bed by the time I get back so I really like seeing him over breakfast in the morning even though it’s not for all that long. That said, I can often work from home at least one day a week. I really value weekends even more now, despite the fact that lie ins are a bit of a thing of the past now!

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