Grabbing toys (The Ordinary Moments #1)

I’ve been reading a lot of other blogs lately and I’ve seen a lot of them linking up with Katie’s {The Ordinary Moments} linky over at Mummy Daddy Me. It seems like a really nice idea to record not just the big milestones but some of the ordinary stuff too.

So here’s my ordinary moments for this week – although actually they’re kind of big moments too!

grabbing toys
I grabbed it!

We got this baby gym when Toby was only about 6 weeks old – at first he didn’t really like it because he couldn’t reach any of the toys. Then he started being able to hit the toys but would get bored quite quickly. A few weeks ago he managed to grab the toys occasionally. This week he is pretty much grabbing toys on his first try and yesterday he not only grabbed one but managed to pull it into his mouth too.

Which leads us on to this one taken this morning…

grabbing toys
I got it in my mouth!

Up until the last few days the only thing Toby has been interested in putting in his mouth is his fingers or sometimes a muslin. Everyone always says babies put everything in their mouths but Toby hasn’t seemed to bothered. But I think it’s starting – for the first time today the teething toy went straight in and he chewed on it for quite a while. Maybe it won’t be too long before we start seeing some teeth!

mummy daddy me

4 thoughts on “Grabbing toys (The Ordinary Moments #1)

  1. How sweet Sarah, Congrats. I remember the first time each one of my boys managed to do that. It’s definitely a wonderful memory you will back on time and time again.


  2. Aw how sweet, it is so exciting watching them grab for stuff and learning new things. My LL is 8 months now and it still fascinates to watch the little cogs in her head turn as she reaches out to grab something. Watching them learn is really so amazing. x

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