The garden centre (The Ordinary Moments #13)

I love linking up with Katie at Mummy Daddy Me for The Ordinary Moments. It’s nice to take a few minutes every week just to appreciate the little things that otherwise might pass us by.

Coffee and cake

This week we had our monthly visit to the local garden centre for coffee and cake. For £12 a year you can be come a member of the Dobbies Garden Club. With that you get 10% off all plants and bulbs, earn reward points, and, the most important part, you get vouchers for two free teas or coffees every month. The best part about this, which is already a pretty good deal; we paid for our membership with £4 of Tesco Clubcard vouchers! I really do love a bargain.

And so once a month we go to Dobbies, we use our vouchers for free drinks and we treat ourselves to a cake. This is the second year we’ve had membership of the Garden Club but since Toby was born he’s been coming along too. In fact, his very first trip out after he was born (other than a walk round the block) was a visit to Dobbies. It really is an ordinary moment for him.

They had these really cool garden sculptures which we’ve never seen before. I’d love one – if we had a spare £150 or so! Toby wasn’t that impressed though.

Garden sculptures

mummy daddy me

8 thoughts on “The garden centre (The Ordinary Moments #13)

  1. What a bargain!!! I love garden centres and cannot wait to have my very own garden so I can buy the stuff they sell, rather than just look at it!!

  2. Those sculptures are super funky! I love a good trip to the garden centre and a ‘cappucino’ in the cafe. I say ‘cappucino’ because all the coffees are made the same way – they’re awful, but I still love going. I think it reminds me of going with my granny when I was young. You’ve got a super deal there with the freebies with membership – win, win!

  3. We love the garden centre, we call it a free day out as ours has animals, an indoor and outdoor play area and lots of other things to look at. We try and go at least once a week but sometimes I am naughty and take the girls lunch with me because it is really expensive for what it is. Ssssssh. 😉

  4. I love bargains too! I love taking my little girl for lunch and recently started using John lewish free cake and coffee one a month 🙂 I should explore garden centres more xx

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