Remembering Childhood // Life, Love and Dirty Dishes

It’s that time of week when another blogger is going to be sharing their childhood memories. This week’s Remembering Childhood comes from Claire at Life, Love and Dirty Dishes.

Which decade were you born in?

The seventies.  Although it was 1979 so I can’t say I really remember anything about the seventies.  I’m more of an eighties child.

What is your earliest memory? How old were you?

Being in an orange paddling pool in the garden.  According to my mum I was two, as our dog Barney punctured the paddling pool.  I have no recollection of our dog Barney.  I believe he went to live on a farm!

What was your favourite toy at 5 years old? At 10?

At 5 it would have been my doll Amy.  She came everywhere with me.  It was one of those dolls with hard limbs and head but a soft body.  I used to think she looked just like a real baby.  At 10 it was probably my Walkman!  I was probably listening to Jason Donovan and Tiffany on it, or some dodgy recordings from the chart show.

Life, Love and Dirty Dishes

Do you still have any toys from your childhood?

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