Liked & Loved // February 2017

I’m a little bit late with this post but I didn’t want to miss a month when I’ve only just started! If I’m honest February hasn’t been the best month. I had really bad tonsillitis on the day of an interview for a job I really wanted (and didn’t get) and Gabe ended the month being ill again too. So for one reason or another we don’t seem to have done very much this month. Having said that there are still quite a few things that I have liked and loved in February so here goes…


I don’t know if I’ve really mentioned it before but I started dance classes when I was 4 and carried on until I went to university at 18. I didn’t do anything for about for six or seven years when I started dancing again and was in quite a lot of musicals up in Scotland before we moved.

Anyway, there was a new adult street dance class starting in our local community centre a few weeks ago. I had no idea what it was going to be like but I really wanted to get back to dancing, for the exercise, and just to do something for me. I made it to the first week and it was really good fun, even if it did show me just how unfit I am at the moment. Unfortunately I didn’t get there last week because Gabe was ill and not wanting to go to sleep but I’ll definitely be going back again soon.

Gabe sleeping

Speaking of Gabe sleeping… He has never been a good sleeper but since Christmas he has slept all night a handful of times. Before that he had only ever slept through twice so although it feels like we might still have a long way to go (and four more teeth still to come) before we get consistent sleep, it does at least feel like we are getting a bit closer. How is it though when you get a full night’s sleep when you’re used to been woken at least once or twice you feel even worse the next day?! Read more