Remembering Childhood // Devon Mama

Hayley from Devon Mama

It’s that time of week when another blogger is going to be sharing their childhood memories. This week’s Remembering Childhood comes from Hayley from Devon Mama.

Which decade were you born in?

I was born in the 80’s, 1986 to be precise. I find it strange to think that my child was born in an entirely different millennium to me!

What is your earliest memory? How old were you?

My earliest memory is playing in the front room of our first family home. My best friend lived two doors down the road and so we were always at each others houses. I remember dancing along to Kylie’s ‘Locomotion’ with her around the lounge, obviously we knew all the moves. I’d have been about four then.

What was your favourite toy at 5 years old? At 10?

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