Remembering Childhood // Captain Bobcat

It’s that time of week when another blogger is going to be sharing their childhood memories. This week’s Remembering Childhood comes from Eva from Captain Bobcat.

Which decade were you born in?

The ’70s. I’m nearing 40, which is the new 30.  Am I right?

What is your earliest memory? How old were you?

I’m not sure if it’s a real memory or I’ve been told this story so many times by my parents (and also have photos about it) that I think this is my earliest memory: my 4th birthday party, summer afternoon, wearing a pink and white checkered summer dress, barefoot, eating the chocolate cake (still my favourite) my mum made for my birthday and I have my friends from kindergarten over at our house. This was my first real birthday party.

What was your favourite toy at 5 years old? At 10?

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