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It’s that time of week when another blogger is going to be sharing their childhood memories. This week’s Remembering Childhood comes from Madeline from This glorious life.

Which decade were you born in?

I was born in the 80s.

What is your earliest memory? How old were you?

I remember being pushed down the stairs by my friend one day, we must’ve been about 3 or 4 years old.  I was fine by the way!

This glorious life

What was your favourite toy at 5 years old? At 10?

I can’t really remember, but I think I was around 5 when I had a pound puppy toy that I really loved.  By the time I was 10 I was a big fan of Sylvanian families.

Do you still have any toys from your childhood?

I still have the teddy that I was given the day I was born.  Imaginatively called ‘brown ted’, he’s now loved by my 2 children.

Who was your favourite pop group/artist as a teenager?
Oh dear, I was a big boy band fan as a teenager.  Boyzone, Backstreet Boys, NSYNC.  Oh yes!
What was your favourite TV show(s)?

I can’t think that I had a particular favourite show as a teenager, but I used to love the Australian soaps, including Heartbreak High.  And things like Byker Grove, The Queen’s Nose and The Demon Headmaster.  Oh and Clarissa Explains It All, Boy Meets World, Sabrina the Teenage Witch.  Wow, apparently I watched a lot of TV growing up!

What was the first film you remember seeing at the cinema?
Robin Hood Prince of Thieves.  I clearly remember jumping in my seat at the scene when the cat pops up out of nowhere!
Do you have any dodgy haircut/ outfit memories that you’d rather forget?

I have a vague memory of mindlessly cutting my own fringe one day, not sure that turned out well.  And in one of my class photos from primary school I’m sporting nice mis-matched bunches after deciding to put my hair up myself in time for the photo.  My friend even remembers trying to talk me out of it, but I’ve always been stubborn and wouldn’t listen to her!

What did you want to be when you grew up?
I always wanted to be a mummy, right back from when I was really little.  Very happy that I got my wish!
If you could go back to being a child again what age would you choose and why?

I’d probably go back to when I was about 3.  When life was just basically playing and being with my family, before school and everything took over!


Thanks for sharing your memories Madeline – I think I watched all those TV shows as a teenage too, I loved Heartbreak High!

If you enjoyed this post then please do come back next week when another blogger will be remembering their childhood. You can also read all the other posts in the series here.

One thought on “Remembering Childhood // This glorious life

  1. Well dressed dolls and teddy bears were some of the joys of infanthood, but what did I choose at a school Christmas party – a toy petrol pump station! How strange is that. Some toys stick in our mind, don’t they, like coloured dolls and spinning tops. Other memories of childhood were square shaped lollies and bobbing apples in our water butts. This all long before toys and games became high-tech. Innocent days. Free of problems. Safe to play outdoors.

    Cheers then.

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