Practical presents (That aren’t aftershave!)

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With the winter well and truly upon us, talk naturally turns to what to buy people for Christmas. There is always the dilemma with Christmas shopping, go for the big surprise, or go for something practical. Now, the argument here is to go for practical items, but, these following items are, hopefully, going to have a very practical approach to your way of living. No deodorant or aftershave here! Let’s dive in.

Practical presents

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For The Wannabe Gym Bunny

When the new year arrives, talk always turns to getting back into health and fitness, which means days in the gym, and, usually, they’ve talked themselves out of heading to the gym after approximately 5 days of rigorous exercise, wasting money on an expensive gym membership. Instead, the best approach to get someone exercising is to make them exercise at home, but how could you do this without investing in a full home gym? The x3 bar has been a recent invention that has been shown to gain three times the amount of muscle than standard workouts. And yes, it does sound like a whole load of rubbish, but if you’ve got a partner who is looking to get ripped, you just need to have a look at the website to see what it really can do.

For The Tired Parent

Most of us get up, put the kettle on, and indulge in that cheap coffee that tastes like gravel. So, why don’t you upgrade your morning cuppa to something a bit more substantial? For the coffee lover, there are various machines to go for, some cheap, some very expensive, and some firmly in the middle. But the Bosch Tassimo Charmy machine does the basics and isn’t hugely expensive. In fact, with Christmas approaching, you are more than likely to get bargains, so jump on it.

For The Cold House

You can get various components to get your house a bit warmer, but your bathroom is where you needed the most in the winter months. And you can get heated towel rails to suit any bathroom, but also you should invest in Egyptian cotton towels. The dense micro fibres will make you feel nice and warm as soon as you jump out of the shower, but also they don’t wear out as easily as standard towels.

For The Wannabe Musician

Is your partner consistently playing the guitar so badly that sounds like he is strangling a cat? If so, get them a guitar tuner. The Ibanez BIG MINI tuner pedal is easy to use and has two tuning modes. It’s also very handy if your partner is starting to inflict their music on others in an open mic setting.

For The Long Winter Nights In

If you don’t want to venture out into the cold weather, then why don’t you snuggle up on the couch and get your fair share of Netflix? You can purchase Netflix gift vouchers, or a three-month subscription, meaning that it will take you into spring.


Practical doesn’t always mean boring, so these are a few suggestions to get your mind working.

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