How to make extra money from home

I never thought I could work from home or, at least, have the possibility to do so. However, with the wonders of the internet, anything can be done online, can’t it? It’s simply fantastic that people can work from the comfort of their homes or at least make some extra money during their downtime.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to earn some extra for their monthly grocery shopping or that dream holiday that they’ve always wanted to take? I know, I would. If you are reading this, I’m sure you think the same way, so let’s get started.

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Sell what you make

Do you have a passion for making chocolate bonbons? Have you started to learn how to make your own soap during lockdown? Why not turn these passions into a money-making business? Ad Lab, London Adobe eCommerce Agency recommends starting to selling your products online. Whether you only want to sell your goodies around your county or want to go nationwide, having a website is essential for your business.

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Maybe you’ve always wanted to sell your items on the high street? This is even better. There are no rent costs, there are no opening time restrictions, you can operate your business from the comfort of your home and you can scale it out worldwide (if you wanted to!).

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After creating a website that works, it’s important to promote it and your products. As a Google Certified Partner, Ad Lab advises making the most out of Google Ads, including Google Shopping and Google Paid Search. If you have no clue on how to use these tools to make yourself seen online, the team at Ad Lab would recommend going through the free training at Google Skillshop. There you’ll learn how to make the most out of all the Google products.

Make the most out of social media

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It’s time to think about social media as a business opportunity. If you are on platforms, such as Instagram, and have a large following and great engagement with your followers, why not start accepting sponsored content from brands that want to advertise with you? As Really Missing Sleep says, in case you think that a brand would be perfect for your audience, contact them and pitch them your sponsored post ideas.

Start a blog

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Starting a blog will not only give your own little corner of the internet but will also give you a chance to make passive income from something you enjoy doing – writing. That is, of course, if you do enjoy writing! The great thing about a blog is that you can write about anything and everything. Want to write about your fitness journey? Blog it. Want to write about your passion for films? Blog it. Plus, when you start having an audience you can start monetising your blog. Country Heart and Home comments that there are many ways you can make money from blogging, including running display ads and starting affiliate marketing.

How you do make money from home?

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