Give Dad the Christmas gift he deserves this year

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It’s a sad fact that dads are generally not given the respect they deserve anymore. Put-upon dad’s the world over are viewed by their children not as the men who brought them into this world and taught them how to survive in it, but as glorified taxi drivers. Christmas, however, gives us the chance to pay them back for all the late-night pickups, all the tantrums and all the missed promises.

But what to get jolly old dad this December 25? A present will only land successfully if you make the right decisions and end up with something your dad actually wants. So it’s important to take a step back before you make any rash decisions and analyse exactly where your father’s interests lie, what hobbies he pursues and how much you are willing to spend.

Christmas gifts for dad


If there is one thing that is universally ubiquitous with fathers, it’s sports. Whether you play your ball games with your feet, your hands, with rackets or with bats, chances are your dad is a follower and so an easy (but effective) gift idea would surely be a ticket to the next ‘big game’? Or, if you can afford it, why not push the boat out a little further and order a unique piece of sports memorabilia signed by his favourite team? The internet auction sites are awash with such items, though make sure anything you purchase comes with a certificate of authenticity as there is a massive black market in fake memorabilia that won’t hesitate to take advantage of your affections. He might even dabble in sports himself. If that is the case then maybe a set of customised golf clubs or a brand new pair of football boots would do the trick?

Tech and Games

Not all fathers are sport fiends of course and it’s more than likely that if he’s not into his sport then he’ll have more than a little affection for his ‘boys toys’. It doesn’t matter if his weakness is for smartphones or tablets, laptops, games consoles or televisions; with the rate that technology is progressing, there is undoubtedly at least one technological gift that will make your father’s eyes light up on the big day. These gifts are, however, not cheap. So, if you’re still in school or just can’t afford the ‘big ticket’ items there will be alternatives. If he’s a film buff maybe a Netflix subscription might do the trick? A music fan might also appreciate the latest vinyl release from their favourite group. If he’s a gamer, meanwhile, why not buy the latest big title like Red Dead Redemption 2? And, of course, if he’s a man in his 30s or 40s, it’s almost certain he’s a massive fan of Game of Thrones. Given the success of the show, there are hundreds of potential Game of Thrones gifts available that should offer him some small comfort after the show has reached its epic conclusion next year.

Days Out

Red letter days have become a massive industry over the past few decades, with everything from ‘track days’ in a top of the range Ferrari to wine tasting courses and celebrity coaching sessions available for surprisingly little outlay. Of course, whether or not a gift of this nature will appeal to your father largely depends on his specific tastes (you wouldn’t want to buy helicopter lessons for a man who was scared of flying would you?) but the wide and eclectic range of activities on offer mean that even those with the most specific and niche tastes should find something they’ll enjoy (or at very least tolerate with a smile).


These are just a handful of Christmas gift ideas to make your dad smile, we’re only really scratching the surface. As a rule of thumb; the more specific and personal the gift, the more it will mean. Start early (before December) and always remember to ask yourself before you pull the trigger “would he really like this?” If everyone takes this advice into account then hopefully nobody will ever have to buy a woeful ‘toiletry gift set’ at the last minute ever again.

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