Games you can play when camping or on the go

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As the weather begins to get warmer, many of us are beginning to spend much more of our time outdoors and are looking forward to holidays and short breaks. Doing so, particularly if there are children in the mix, means fun, games and laughter. Here we review some ideas for games you can play when camping or when on the go.

Cool Camping and Glamping

Cool camping and glamping has undergone somewhat of a renaissance over the past decade; heading out into the countryside, enjoying the fresh air, cooking al fresco and sleeping under the stars are just some of the reasons why. Another advantage of camping is that also gain access to some wonderful wide open outdoor spaces and these are perfect for games of the athletic nature.

Football: The Beautiful Game

Taking along a football presents you with a broad variety of options for fun and that doesn’t just mean “jumpers for goal posts”. Volleyball and even water polo are alternatives, as is Piggy in the Middle for smaller children.   

Boules: For the Thinkers

For something altogether more sedate, boules (or Petanque if you’re feeling particularly French) offers an option that will requires both skill and strategy in order to win. Boules kits can be bought cheaply, take up little space and help develop the motor skills of younger players.  We always had a set of boules with us on our summer caravan holidays when I was young and it’s a game I still love to play.

Out and About

It isn’t just camping holidays and breaks, of course that offer up the opportunity for a group or family to play games. A daytrip to the beach, park or National Trust property are all popular Spring/Summer jaunts to be taken advantage of. There’s nothing like preparing a picnic and heading off on an adventure, but before you can tuck into your sandwiches, you will want to work up an appetite.

Cricket: A Sticky Wicket

Playing cricket on the beach

Photo by Lochie Blanch on Unsplash

Pick up a few bits and pieces from Talent Cricket and there are a world of options at your fingertips. Large groups may opt for the tradition approach, set up a wicket and commence with bowling and batting. Alternatives include Rounders and French Cricket both of which are great fun regardless of age or ability.

Tennis: Or Bat and Ball

You don’t need to be a member of a fancy tennis club to enjoy the game, simply improvise and whether you are using a proper racket or just cheap bats and a ball, you can have hours of fun. Suitable for up to four players and of all ages a bit of bat and ball is hard to beat.


There are loads of different options for outdoor games – what’s your favourite?

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