Review: My First Forever Friends

A few months ago I was invited to go to a baby shower at The Ritz in London for the launch of the new My First Forever Friends range from Golden Bear Toys. As much as I would have loved to go I was still at work at the time (and heavily pregnant) so it just wasn’t possible. Even though I wasn’t able to go the event the lovely people at Golden Bear were kind enough to send us two toys from the range to try out.

My First Forever Friends

According to the Golden Bear website it is almost a quarter of a century since Forever Friends first appeared and I definitely remember them from the first time round – I think every one of my friends at school had something with Forever Friends on; I had a pencil tin and I think some other stationery things too.

This new collection of My First Forever Friends toys has been designed with babies in mind and there are lots of different things to choose from. We were sent the Attachable Jingler (RRP £6.99) and the Chime Bear (RRP £12.99).

Both the bears are made out of lovely soft plush fabric and as the names suggest the Jingle jingles when you shake it and the Chime Bear has a soft chime when shaken! The Attachable Jingler has a ribbon with velcro so it can be attached to a pram, crib, car seat or wherever you fancy. Gabe currently has his attached to his bouncy seat and it’s the perfect size for him to reach out and try to grab. The fact it makes a noise when he manages to hit it is great and he really seems to enjoy it.

Forever Friends Attachable Jingler

The Chime Bear is perhaps a little bit big for Gabe at the moment, and although I intended to give it to him Toby seems to have taken a bit of a shine to it and apparently it is now ‘my teddy bear’ so Gabe might have lost that one for now! The Chime Bear (as well as some of the other toys in the range) has a baby safe photo holder so you can personalise it with your own picture. To be honest this is the only feature I’m not too sure about – I think the bear would be better without this plastic addition but I guess it is something a bit different that you don’t get with other toys.

Forever Friends Chime Bear

Both the My First Forever Friends bears that we received are lovely toys and I’m sure Gabe (and Toby!) will enjoy playing with them for a long time to come.
**Disclosure: I was sent the featured products in return for this review. All opinions are my own.

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  1. These are both so cute! Not to mention the baby, how adorable! They’re really affordable too, so much baby stuff is overpriced. I’ll keep these in mind for my little one due in Jan x

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