Can we beat the ageing process?

A boy lying on grass apparently sleeping. He's getting his vitamin D which can slow ageing

The world’s oldest living person is 117 year old Kane Tanaka from Japan. She’s still a few years off the record for the world’s oldest person though, which is held by French woman Jeanne Calment who died in 1997 at the age of 122! However, these people are definitely the exception with average life expectancy in the UK currently 80.96 years old. But is there anything we can do to live longer? Is it possible to beat the ageing process?

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What do I need to start a blog? // My Top 5 Blogging Essentials

A laptop, a mug and a plant


I have been blogging here at Toby Goes Bananas for six and a half years now (and I had a different blog for about four years before that). So although I don’t claim to be an expert I’ve been around for a while! If you are just starting out with a blog then it can be a bit daunting so I thought I’d share my top 5 blogging essentials for getting started.

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