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It’s that time of week when another blogger is going to be sharing their childhood memories. This week’s Remembering Childhood comes from Hayley at It’s just me Hayley D.

Which decade were you born in?

The best decade obviously, the 1980s.

It's just me Hayley D

What is your earliest memory? How old were you?

My earliest memory is when I was at nursery school, I must have been about 3 or 4 years old. I remember playing in the sandpits and wearing a red jumper. Oh how I loved how the sand squished through my fingers.

What was your favourite toy at 5 years old? At 10?

At five I was obsessed with my little cleaning set, I had a dustpan and brush, a broom and a mop. I’m not sure if I actually helped clean the house at all but, I definitely had fun trying. At ten I was obsessed with puppy in my pockets. I remember getting money for my birthday and spending the lot on all the mum and pup sets.

Do you still have any toys from your childhood?

Yes I have all the Spice Girls barbie dolls, lots of teddies and a musical box I’ve had almost all my life.

Who was your favourite pop group/artist as a teenager?

I was all about the boy bands when I was younger. Boyzone, Westlife, Backstreet Boys, Take That, 911, East 17, gosh the list could go on. But you get my point, boy bands where my thing.

What was your favourite TV show(s)?

When I was really little a cartoon called Penny Crayon, it was about a girl who could make things come to life just by drawing them. As I got older I loved Saved by the Bell.

What was the first film you remember seeing at the cinema?

Jurassic Park. I remember being so scared literally the whole way through the film. It still holds a special place in my heart even now.

Do you have any dodgy haircut/ outfit memories that you’d rather forget?

Don’t we all? I think the worst is probably my navy and bright orange Adidas tracksuit I wore to death throughout my teens. What was I thinking??

What did you want to be when you grew up?

A news reporter or radio DJ. I’m no where near these sort of jobs in my real life but it was fun as a child pretending to report the news to my siblings. Or getting my dad to sit for hours listening to my mix tapes.

If you could go back to being a child again what age would you choose and why?

I’d go back to when I was around 7 or 8. For me they were definitely my happiest years. I was so carefree back then.

Thanks for sharing your memories Hayley – you’ve got to love a good boy band!

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